i‑Learner Education Centre

Jenny (mother of Charlotte)

Dear my i-Learner teacher,

Where do I begin? Probably before P1 school year even started, when I heard such positive things about you and i-Learner. Based on popular opinion, I expected great things this year — and I have not been disappointed.

Charlotte always has positive things to say about you and your class, she enjoys it and looks forwards to going weekly after school. We hear all about the dynamic way you deliver lessons and encourage participation and are pleased that our daughter is learning so much in a fun way.

Charlotte is very careful in her reading and writing and spends so much time trying to do everything correctly, which might really slow her down when doing homework and exams. Throughout this year, Charlotte has improved her confidence plus her time management skills. She has learnt how to finish her exam paper in time and accurately, and is now able to achieve high scores in her exams.

We appreciate your time, your patience, and your ability to make English interesting!