i‑Learner Education Centre

Morris Yung

The learning journey of Morris

Morris started his English learning journey at i-Learner when he was in K2.  At that time, he liked to go because of the funny games, the interactive learning and the teachers at i-Learner.  Six years later, Morris is still eager to wake up early every Saturday morning to join the classes because he realises that he can learn more English and write more English here.

From single sentences to a long piece of story or a descriptive writing, the most important element in writing is to let the kids enjoy.  In these years, inspired by different teachers and their creative teaching methods and their understanding of students’ different characters, to my surprise, Morris has learnt how to write different literary genres confidently.

No matter which class you join, all the teachers at i-Learner encourage kids to read.  From “refusing to read” to “love to read”, I was impressed by the “magic” that the teachers use here to show Morris the importance of reading.  He now takes the initiative to search for suitable books to read in order to get inspiration and ideas for his writing.

The secret of learning English successfully is to let the kids love English. They are motivated at i-Learner by receiving different awards at the end of the term.  Morris was proud of himself
for being the “Student of the Term” because of his devotion and hard work in English.  By attending the Summer Scholar Camps, Morris also got some insights in learning English by having fun and useful conversations with students from the University of Cambridge and Oxford.  They had great fun when playing at the beach and visiting the museums.

Learning English is a never-ending story.  As a parent, we should provide them with enough opportunities to have contact with English and let them continue to improve.