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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Lydia – Teaching Philosophy

I think it is crucial to remember that every student is an individual. Every single one has their own unique approach, thought process and, most importantly, attitude associated with language learning. I believe that rather than seeing this as an obstacle it is an invaluable opportunity to work collaboratively with the learner to discover what works best for them.

That being said there are certainly some things that every lesson should have in common. First of all – Fun. Making English fun takes it from being work and turns it into a lifestyle, and when learning is natural, fluency and proficiency follow close behind. Every one of my lessons involves interactivity or creativity to ensure that students are enjoying their time at i-Learner.

Next the teacher needs to emphasise the ‘Why’. I always aim to take students deeper, past the seemingly boring grammar exercises or pointless worksheets and show them how each element of each lesson comes together likes pieces of a puzzle. Showing them that each new piece is one just step along the journey to our English destination helps them become pioneers of their own learning.

Finally, consolidation is crucial. I make sure to have a revision element to each lesson to make sure students feel confident and in control of the subject matter. With these strong foundations we can build skill, confidence and accuracy in all elements of their English education.