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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Katie – Discovery


Humans have made all types of discoveries, from continents to electricity. We are on a continuous journey of discovery, which is what makes our lifelong learning journey so exciting.

When we are young, we discover how to walk and how to talk; how to feed ourselves, and how to read and write. As we grow, so does our knowledge with the range of discoveries that we make as we go along. Our vocabulary becomes wider as we discover new books; our tastes broaden as we discover different foods and flavours; and we start to travel more, whether it be discovering new corners of Hong Kong or other exciting cities and countries across the globe. We also start to discover differences and similarities, which help us to discover more of ourselves.

Discover something new to you every day – whether it be a word, a story, or a fact – and write it down in a notebook in order to make a collection of your observations. Why not check out these websites and discover the interesting insects that live in our city, or discover more about outer space by watching this clip?