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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Ivy – Teaching Philosophy


Language is organic and requires an environment where the importance of exchange is positively reinforced. It is continually changing and an attitude that is open to change with a critical mind is fundamental. Students are not completely a blank canvas. They each carry with them the building blocks and a foundation, which are brimming with potential. In order for students to grow into confident learners, it is a crucial step to understand and appreciate the different facets of their learning development. Whether it is Reading, Writing, Listening or Speaking, an environment that encourages students to view the English language as more than a tool, but a part of their daily lives can inevitably motivate them to flourish with the language.

Moreover, it is my objective to instil the precept of becoming a lifelong learner. I believe that we do not end being a student. Throughout my learning experience, I found that being open to mistakes and viewing them as an opportunity to improve remarkably improved my learning approach. I aspire to have my students be confident in every challenge they may face and have them see any obstacles as a situation to make use of the knowledge they possess.

Other than English literature, I am also especially involved in the arts (drawing, music and photography) and sports.. Similarly, in a classroom students are very eager to prove themselves and to showcase the attributes that make them who they are to their peers and their teachers. This motivates the teacher to present learning materials in an engaging manner and to create a learning atmosphere that will encourage students to learn better.

I am merely a facilitator of knowledge, I meet the students where there are at and together, find ways to learn and improve. Although the importance of attaining the best marks is unquestionable, I aim for my students to have a curious mind, an inquisitive attitude and an appreciation for every learning opportunity life has to offer in and outside of the classroom.