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2016 CNY “Fai Chun” Charity Sales

Happy Chinese New Year!

Since 2003, the Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IRD), Hong Kong, has initiated various projects ranging from financial aid programmes for students, teacher training, healthcare, and economic development in remote rural areas in Western Hunan and Guizhou Provinces, China. IRD is a registered charitable organization (Inland Revenue File No. : 91/7188) and donations made to IRD are tax-exemptible. IRD was given full marks by i-Donate, a rating organisation for charities in Hong Kong.

In this blissful season of Lunar New Year, we are lucky to have a group of lovely kids in Hong Kong as our fundraising ambassadors to help spreading love to underprivileged families in rural China by selling charitable Fai Chun to their friends and relatives. All proceeds will help support less fortunate children from rural villages in Hunan and Guizhou to continue their schooling! Your kind donations will be a wonderful gift to children in need and to our lovely ambassadors

Tips to our young fundraisers

You will receive:

  • 10 sets of Fai Chun, each of which contains 5 pieces of specially designed IRD Fai Chun. Additional Fai Chun can be provided on request.
  • 3-page donor information form
  • 10 IRD leaflets
  • 10 IRD bookmarks giving to donors as gratitude
  • A fundraising reference statement card
  • Folder for collecting donations

How to do fundraising:

  • Introduce IRD and the purpose of the fundraising to your parents, friends and relatives.
  • Ask donors to fill in simple information in the donation form.
  • Donors can choose to donate HK$20/ HK$50/ HK$100, or any other specified amount, to buy 1 set of Fai Chun.
  • Donations can be made by cash or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to “INSTITUTE FOR INTEGRATED RURAL DEVELOPMENT HONG KONG”.
  • Donations over HK$100 are eligible for tax exemption. Please remind donors to fill in their full names as shown on their Hong Kong ID cards, along with their mailing address in the receipt form. Tax-deductible receipts will be mailed to the donors by post in early March.
  • After receiving a donation, remember to say thank you with a big smile!

After fundraising:

  • All donations (cash and cheque) and unsold Fai Chun should be returned to i-Learner on or before 20th February, 2016 (Sat).
  • Each young fundraiser will receive a certificate as a token of our appreciation upon completion of the fundraising activity. Fundraisers who raise HKD200 or more will additionally receive a certificate of merit and for those who raise HKD500 or more will receive a certificate of distinction.

*All donations received from sales will be used solely to support financially disadvantaged children in rural China. For more inquiries, please contact us on 2736 7383, or visit http://www.harvest.org.hk.