University Preparation Courses

Attending university is one of the most important stages in life. Our University Preparation Courses help students on their path to their chosen university.

Students can develop their critical thinking skills in Applied Critical Thinking, prepare for IELTS to study overseas and get the support of experienced admissions tutors with their admissions application.


Applied Critical Thinking

Applied Critical Thinking nurtures independent thinking skills and the ability to express complex ideas in a clear and convincing manner. Students deal with real-world cases from the fields of law, medicine and politics, and understand the decision-making processes that are undertaken by people working in these challenging disciplines. Students learn how laws are defended, how doctors weigh up ethical decisions, and how to answer… Read More

IELTS Preparatory Course

The IELTS exam is essential for students aiming to study overseas. The four papers of this exam are all covered in this 12-lesson course, helping students understand how to get the top grades required for entrance to the best universities. Read More

University Admissions and Personal Statements

Our University Admissions and Personal Statements workshops are led by a dedicated team of experienced admission tutors familiar with the entry requirements of top universities. Our University Admissions Process Workshops help students navigate the complex admissions process, offering guidance and strategies. Additionally, our Personal Statement Workshops assist students in crafting impactful personal statements. We run workshops at various times of the year. View our upcoming… Read More