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Letter to the Editor

I had a new student today in my Love to Write class, level 3-4. He has been taking a class with Miss Pun up till now, and this was my first time meeting him.

In the class, we had read a letter to an advice column in a newspaper, and the students had to write a letter of another type. Sheldon chose this exercise, which was to write a letter to the editor. Sheldon is only in P2, but when I asked him if he knew about anything in the news that he might want to write about, he knew all about the recent LegCo elections, and after I helped him with some vocabulary, he was eager to get started.

I was very impressed by this letter:

Dear The Editor,
I am very lucky to meet you. I want to tell you about the Elections. The Legislative Council are voting about who to be the Chief Executive. The honest ones are voting more than the bad ones. They plot to steal money from the people. Chief Executive C Y Leung is angry so he quits some Elections. The Legislative are angry at C Y Leung so some of them want to take revenge about it.