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Teacher Diaries: Ms. Esme – Discovery

Do you have any areas of knowledge like Maths and Science, or hobbies like swimming and playing musical instruments, that you know very well or even excel in? Are they more related to your school work and jobs than to your daily life or the world in general?

When we are reading non-academic books or articles in lessons, it is not uncommon to hear some of my students saying this: “Why do we need to know about this? It won’t be included in the tests.” or asking this: “Will this be examined at school? Do I need to revise it?” My question is: Why should we limit our knowledge to our school work or tests or exams or jobs?

Discover and try out something new to you every day! Push yourselves beyond your school work and jobs – you can read books of different genres; you can try out new hobbies that you might have never thought of; you can even find out more about your community, about our society, about other countries, or about the earth, in order to expose yourselves to all the possibilities around you.

By discovering and understanding new things every day, we will feel more connected to the world that we are living in. We can access to different new opportunities and have a higher chance of being successful when we enrich our knowledge of different aspects of life. Let’s make use of this summer and start our journey of discovery to success.