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Critical Reading and Writing (CRW)


Course Description

Critical reading and writing course is a reader-based literature course designed by our tutors (Cambridge University graduates). The goal of the course is to nurture students’ critical thinking ability and enable them to tackle unfamiliar problems with their existing knowledge, logic and rationality. It is tailor-designed for top school students such as DGJS, and those who would like their English proficiency to reach the level of first language learners.


Course Characteristics

The course focuses on appreciating the beauty of the English language. A range of stimulating reading, writing and presentation activities will enable students to master their language skills (reading and writing) and articulate personal responses to texts with eloquence.

  • Adopts Oxbridge’s tutorial teaching approach
  • Combines DGJS Reading List with a wide range of English Literature
  • Focus on critical thinking cultivation including independent thinking and creative thinking


Course Highlights

  • Read and respond to at least one novel per term (4 terms per year)
  • Systematic mastery of intermediate and advanced grammar
  • Tackle unfamiliar texts and problems with critical thinking ability
  • Mastery of speech skills (poem reciting and appreciation)
  • Be able to write beautifully, eloquently and accurately


Appropriate Age

Suitable for P1 to S2 children


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Course references

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Course Timetable

Critical Reading and Writing (CRW) regular timetable
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