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Charlotte McDermott

Charlotte McDermott

I am passionate about providing students with the tools, knowledge and support to enable them to think critically about the  world around them. I am committed to ensuring each student feels interested and excited by their lessons to allow them to continue to produce an excellent standard of work.

Charlotte McDermott has a dual honours degree in French and Business and has spent recent years living and working in France. She is passionate about learning different languages and also speaks Spanish and some Italian. She believes languages are the gateway for a child’s personal and professional development and is keen to inspire young people to believe the same. In her spare time, she is an avid hiker and has hiked all over the world, including completing the famous 500 mile Camino de Santiago in 2019. In her spare time, Charlotte dedicates herself to furthering her language and cultural knowledge through learning local food cultures and exploring sustainable cooking.


  • MA (French and Business) The University of Edinburgh