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Ella Carey

Ella Carey

There is no better time to instil a lifelong love of learning than in childhood and adolescence. A quality education is the greatest gift, and with bespoke attention, every student is capable of excelling. The classroom can be a wonderland; passion and patience are its keys.

Ella Carey is an Oxford educated historian with extensive experience teaching at the university level. She has been part of the admissions teams of numerous Oxford colleges and is an expert on the Higher Education sector within the United Kingdom. Having previously taught English Literature, English Language and the History of Art in Yangzhou, Ella is excited to now be working in Hong Kong. She is an enthusiastic cook but a terrible baker.


  • MSc (Gender History) University of Edinburgh
  • BA (History) University of Oxford


Making Failure Your Friend

After completing my undergraduate degree at Oxford University, I applied for an MSt program there. Unfortunately, I was not offered a place, but I took the opportunity to make failure my ally. Here are some tips to help you do the same: Stigmatising failure discourages trying In Ancient Greece, the punishment for a merchant whose business failed was to sit in the marketplace with a… Read More