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Francis Wynne

Francis Wynne

True education is a process of growth that should aim beyond exam success towards subject mastery. It is not simply about increasing what you know, but rather developing the way you think. I support my students to approach their academic challenges head-on with a positive mental attitude. I hope that by doing so, they develop their sense of self-worth, deepen their intellectual curiosity, and have a highly enjoyable time.

Francis Wynne has a deep affinity for the languages, literature, philosophy and history of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Having studied these disciplines at the University of Oxford, he then undertook a teaching qualification at King’s College London so that he might share his knowledge and enthusiasm with others. Francis brings with him twelve years of teaching and middle-management experience working in leading schools both in the UK and Hong Kong. He is a seasoned English, Latin, Ancient Greek and IB TOK teacher and is familiar with a wide range of exam boards and syllabi, most notably the IB Diploma Programme, for which he works as an examiner. In his spare time, he enjoys cinema, travel, reading and cookery.


  • PGCE King’s College London
  • BA (Classics) University of Oxford